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Why iBelieve in the #LawofAttraction...

Since childhood, I always saw myself as, and day-dreamed about being, a great musician, singer, actress, model, and performing all across the globe. I always believed that one day "#THETALKBOXQUEEN would be a 'house hold name' and that I would earn a living doing what I was passionate about (music, of course). As kids, adolescents, teenagers, young adults, and maturing adults, many of us imagined (or visualized) the life we wanted we 'grew up'. But somewhere along the way, we stopped believing in ourselves... 'Life happens' (new baby, new job, loss of a loved one, you name it...) and we somehow lose focus. Mentally, we get discouraged and/or give up on those imaginations/visualizations that once made us happy to think about and gave us "butterflies". Or we did/do the inevitable--We allow the thoughts and opinions of others around us (and on television/internet/radio) to persuade & influence us into thinking that we can't/shouldn't reach for 'Bigger', out of the box' things because 'we have bills/family to support' or because of our social economic backgrounds-- And all of those 'things' can grow into a form of fear (if you let it). Think back to what you've always wanted to do/pursue in your life...


(Hmmm.... Doesn't that exciting, tingling, sensation feel great?!)


Whatever 'that' was, that's your passion and it is never too late to start living the life that you dream about. We all use the Law of Attraction (believe it or not) and sometimes we don't realize how powerful our mind really is. 


Our dominant thoughts will always find a way to manifest. No matter if these thoughts are positive or negative, at some point they will come to us or attract itself to us. 

The sun is 92,960,000 miles from the earth. And it takes only 8 minutes for the light to reach earth-- Our thoughts travel faster than the speed of light. Imagine that...


Whatever we feed our psyche, that's what we attract. And whatever you think you are/aren't, can/can't do, you are 'that'. "I Am/I'm" is a very profound and powerful statement, and more importantly, saying "I Am.../I'm"... is a belief. Every time we say "I'm tired, I'm broke, I'm wealthy, I'm lonely, I'm depressed, I'm happy, I'm beautiful, I'm too dark, I'm not pretty enough, I'm too light, I'm too fat, I'm too skinny, etc.", we develop that belief system and in most cases, we end up missing out on, and/or, gaining something special.


Always remember that each and every one of us were created in the image of The Creator, and because nothing is ever a mistake in that image, believe, that in spite of physical attributes/flaws, you are an amazing being and you, yes you, are BEAUTIFUL. Never allow the world's diluted perception of what beauty is/isn't define who you are and more importantly, whose you are. 

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