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Music played, written, engineered, & produced by - NaTasha "Ms.Music" Rogers (BMI) for NMR Productions
Drum Programming -  Hank "King Henry" Williams, IV (BMI)
Lighting - Torrence Groce
Make-up - Anthony Richardson
Wardrobe Stylist - NaTasha "Ms.Music" Rogers, Assisted by Cherish "Love" Robinson
Actors - Royce "Tae Lor" Massengill, NaTasha "Ms.Music" Rogers 
Live Band Cameo: N'Tense The Band, Dallas, TX
MY ✨ P E R S P E C T I V E

In this lifetime, relationships will come and go. But, then, there are those relationships that will test our spirituality & our faith. Plus, the capacity of forgiveness and relationships teach us how to create boundaries for ourselves and others.


I wrote this song to share a chapter in my story of how I thought that I was once in love with "The One.". I ignored my intuitive voice and experienced heartbreak. However,  I'll still "Love you for life..." only because the experience manifested as a learning and teaching moment for me. And what I gained from heartbreak was lessons and tools to use for new chapters. My advice to anyone manifesting their life partner or healthy relationships in general:


Align yourself to the frequency of the kind of life partner/relationship that you desire. Authentic Love does exist. Wait patiently. And always be attentive to 'the signs' -- your "gut" feeling. I learned from the "Still Be Loving U" experience & I encourage everyone to listen to their intuition first. Then, write down the qualities of a loving partner--then, be patient for and with peace and assurance that what you see in your mind, you can manifest it into your physical reality! 


Trust the divine timing of your life's purpose and destiny. 

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