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I want to encourage everyone reading this. You must know & understand that:


You have the power, from within, to change your life! Your past does not have power over your present. Your mind is the most powerful tool/asset that you, as human aka spiritual beings have. I encourage and I challenge you to live this life to the fullest. Start by creating a huge vision board of the things that you want to accomplish (set a timeline too, that's what I did!), the places that you want to travel to, the growth that you see & want for your inner self, or perhaps even the new, stronger, physical physique--Whatever it is that you need to make this life your best life, it starts with your mind. Wherever you are right now, in your journey, be more positive. And always be grateful for your 'now', for greater things are on the horizon for your tomorrow.


Start writing down your goals, aspirations, and I dare you to dream BIGGER! Keep your goals private, between you and The Creator.  Pray over these things daily. Pray against [insert nouns here] that are set out to distract you from your amazing destiny. FYI, anyone and anything that doesn't promote positivity and The Creator's Word, remove [insert nouns] from your life! To reach your destiny and live a fulfilling, joyous life, it's very germane to disassociate yourself with ALL forms of negativity. I encourage you to pray, meditate, and watch how The Creator (of the Universe) responds to the vibrational sound and mental energy that you exude. For it's the feelings of gratitude (it's all energy anyway...) that The Creator receives from us and when we align ourselves with The Creator-- Only then will we see the fruition of the manifestations that we're believing to come to pass.


I was sent to enlighten the world. And I am here, as a living proof, to remind you (yes you) that It's never too late to make your passion your paycheck!

--NaTasha "Ms.Music" Rogers



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