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With an ever-so busy lifestyle, multiple social media feeds, and operating in my divine purpose, distractions often occur. For me, when I meditate, my mind, body, and spirit, are grounded and I'm at peace. I'm able to calm my notorious mind from wandering from thought-to-thought, tune out all of the visual and vibrational distractions, of the world around me, sit still, focus, & listen from within.


Through this practice, I noticed that I have the God given power to release (exhale) negativity, unhealthy emotions, doubts, fears, & stress. And I noticed that can and I choose accept (inhale) positivity, good thoughts, love, joy, peace of mind, happiness, prosperity, and total zen. And everyone is born with this inner power, it's just that it gets suppressed and, too, not everyone is taught how to use it. I strongly believe that a positive [trained] mind can take you wherever you want to go in this life and knowing how to use it properly, can bring so much clarity & fulfillment into your life.




Throughout my spiritual journey, I've incorporated meditation into my daily prayer life. There are so many fears and misconceptions associated with meditating, and in my opinion, all of them are false."Why do I need to meditate, I was taught to pray.  And what exactly is meditation and how does it differ from prayer?" Those are some of the questions that I, too, asked myself and what I've learned, through my own research & personal practice, is this:


It's a scientific fact that meditation provides cognitive and psychological benefits (relaxation, peacefulness, etc.). For me (spiritually) meditation is simply sitting still, tuning in to The Universe, and listening to The Creator. To me, prayer is talking to The Creator and expressing sincere gratitude for all things presently obtained and/or desirable for the future. It is my belief that God is 'The Universe/The Creator/The Supreme Being' and through meditation and prayer, I am definitely more connected to The Source of all existence--God.


When I meditate: My energy level increases, any tension-related pain goes away (without having to take an aspirin, money saved!), my serotonin level increases, which affects my mood and behavior, I'm more creative, problems become smaller, and anxiety attacks are a thing of the past! Expansion, is also a major benefit of meditation. I must point out that when your consciousness evolves and expands, the disturbances in your life become negligible. Anger and disappointments become fleeting emotions that occur momentarily and then vanish. And it's when you start living in 'the moment', and let go of 'the past', that's when you really start to enjoy life & experience unlimited bliss, an abundance of joy, never-ending happiness, & peace of mind. consciously evolve.


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